Newsboys – God’s Not Dead

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Music video by Newsboys performing God’s Not Dead (Official Music Video). (P) (C) 2012 Inpop Records. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a vio…
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YONKERS From Tylers Second Album GOBLIN available at Directed By Wolf Haley Filmed By Luis Panch Perez.
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  • God bless Phil Robertson for standing up for Christ! Brothers and sisters
    are with you in the spirit but most importantly, God is with you in the

  • prototype102010

    You know… the words to this song are good… but there needs to be more
    words! he repeats the verse twice, pre-chorus, than chorus twice… than
    the verse 2 more times… than the pre-chorus… than the chorus twice than
    a bridge.. it’s sooooo repetitive and in all honesty… ruins the song for
    me… I like the lyrics I do… just wish they put more into it…

  • My God’s Not Dead! He’s Surely Alive!

  • WOW I’ve finally found a Christian band or artist that isn’t corny! Great
    message, the idea that the Universe is merely a self-creating self
    sustaining machine is the true myth. They’re so proud to say the creator
    doesn’t exist, but they still can’t explain the creation.

  • Wow, this song sounds really good and of course God is not dead, just like
    Mickey Mouse can`t die ^^

  • I love this song it is is soooooo true God’s not Dead

  • Madison Wherry

    don’t listen to super lettuce prey,there people that are christian that rap
    and god don’t care about what style you sing he loves you the,only thing
    god care about is you loving him

  • In the song where the newslady on the tabley said that how can a good God
    allow evil. I got so mad God didn’t allow evil. The only reason there’s
    evil is because Adam and eve.

  • Tarnan McMullen

    My gods not dead he is surely alive and he is definitely roaring like a
    lion. LOVE YOU LORD!!!! 

  • Miguel Volquez


  • SuperLettucePrey

    God hates rock music. The Newsboys will surely burn in hell with the rest
    of you atheist satanists!



  • Where es K. Max… lol i love dc talk 

  • I get the shivers at the first bit, any one else? or is it just me?

  • Bryan Jonathan

    if you can’t see something it doesn’t means that its not there.

  • It’s songs like these that turn me away from the atheism that keeps wanting
    to pull me back in <3

  • Colin Mclennan

    “God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we
    comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? What was holiest and
    mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under our
    knives: who will wipe this blood off us? What water is there for us to
    clean ourselves? What festivals of atonement, what sacred games shall we
    have to invent? Is not the greatness of this deed too great for us? Must we
    ourselves not become gods simply to appear worthy of it?” -Fredrick

  • Holly Christine

    Why are atheist so offended by those that believe in God? If you don’t
    believe there’s a God, why do you care that others do? Why do you feel it
    necessary to yell, scream, cuss, name call, etc. to those that believe?
    Why can’t you just go on living your life without trying to shove your
    atheist beliefs down other’s throats? 

  • amazing song

  • I love him with all my heart

  • Great video and awesome song 

  • God is dead.

  • GenerationForGod

    Christians you’re belief and faith is stronger than anyone’s so called
    “knowledge” of this world. That’s what’s beautiful about being a believer.
    We know our God’s not dead. That’s why we’re able to always keep our faith.
    We know. Meaning no one can ever convince us true believers otherwise. No
    one, nor anything, not even death can separate us from our powerful creator
    and father!

  • To all those saying that God is not real, the concept of a big bang is
    unrealistic, I have never seen anything created from an explosion (except
    rubble). Christianity has the most proof. People said Christianity is a
    hoax because it says Jesus will sit on the Throne of David in Israel. and
    israel was destroyed, but now Israel once again is a country, it has all
    been prophesised. Show me your proof of the fact that God is not real. (I
    am not quoting anything, just from memory).


    A lot of delusional people in this world.

  • Tyler is a good rapper. You all look a shit ton to much into this guys
    lyrics. Also, why the fuck are you judging who he is off this song? It does
    not represent him once so ever. Its got a great beat and i like the relaxed
    but, hard side of it.

  • He keeps it real and raps about how shitty life can be. Respect.

  • Jesse Valencia

    Man Created God =]

  • MainStreetBeaner

    That’s a big fucking roach.

  • I like that most of the lines contradict themselves or are have double

  • Don’t get me wrong, I love OF… but I think way too many “fans” are up
    their asses too much. A lot of them turned atheist, why? Just because Tyler
    is? And people like that are the reason people see OF differently. 

  • Francisco Magana

    Tyler vs lecrae !!! Best shit id pay 100 dolla to see em show down

  • ronaldi espinal

    I’m a fucking walking paradox d-_-b

  • I get lost in some of his rhymes but he’s still good. Lol 

  • unknownwatchers


  • hi can sum1 please explain to me all this OddFuture stuff. like who is Wolf
    Haley to Tyler? who is Doris? and who is Sam?? (there is a song called Sam
    is dead)

  • Hopsin ftw

  • Tyler is not just a crazy person hes epic, I love his music hes so deep
    into his music you can relate to it..

  • Hey sucks hahaha like a eight year old little boy trying to ryhme and his
    videos are stupid LOL

  • awesomeguy1411

    This guy is shit, Im sorry but I dont get what people see in his rhymes. I
    feel like someone could freestyle that, its so slow, repetitive and boring.
    Its like he’s half asleep.

  • In stab Bruno Mars in his god dame esophagus and I won’t stop until the
    cops come in killed it

  • he sexy asf

  • That was dope

  • no matter how many songs i try to listen from this dude i just cant get
    into it

    sounds so monotone…. good lyrics and word play but his flow isnt for me

  • Phillip Slenning

    Fucking demon ass nigga

  • nassim ismailaj

    1:07 <3

  • Check out my list of my top 10 rap albums of 2013. Wolf has to be up

  • fernando rodriguez

    i bet tina permed her weave after this

  • Fantastic Swag Music

    I think everyone was a yonkers fan, yonkers just gets annoying when you
    here it too much (like every song), plus Im pretty sure all you retards are
    hating on ‘yonkers fans’ just because tyler said he is annoyed with them.
    and by the way half of you wouldn’t even be a fan of odd future if it
    wasn’t for yonkers so stfu. And Yes you trolling cows this did escalate

  • Renz Delos Angeles

    i remember when this came out aw. 

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