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  • Latest News Brittanie Shipway gets ‘wicked’ in New York

    Brittanie Shipway gets ‘wicked’ in New York

    Brittanie Shipway is currently killing it over in New York. Source: Supplied RISING star Brittanie Shipway, who found fame on The Voice 2014, is killing it professionally in New York. On top of juggling a jam-packed schedule of Broadway auditions the young Mulgoa starlet, who found fame on The Voice last year, is a day away from releasing her newest single, Don’t Fight It. Shipway spoke to the Penrith Pressexclusively about her new single and the touching tribute behind it. [...]

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  • Latest News Latest Album Reviews

    Latest Album Reviews

    Pictured in Surry Hills is musician Josh Pyke who is about to release a new record, But For All Those Bleeding Hearts. Picture: Richard Dobson Source: News Corp Australia Will Josh Pyke or will he come around to your house? Do you take our review of Gurrumul as gospel? Is Albert Hammond Jr. playing different strokes? Can Ducktails stay high and dry? And will you have what Lianne La Havas is having? ALBUM OF THE WEEK BUT FOR ALL THE [...]

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  • Latest News Delta declares she feels sexier

    Delta declares she feels sexier

    Drummer girl … Delta Goodrem hits out in the video for her new single Wings. Picture: Supplied. Source: Supplied LOOKING fit and fierce, Delta Goodrem is celebrating her newfound sense of fun on the set of the video for her single Wings. The song showcases her desire to explore the electro-pop song which has been crowding the airwaves for the past year. It also marks a dramatic departure from exercising her incredible range and shows off a sexier growl and [...]

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  • Latest News ‘Rape’s fun’: star sets ‘attack dogs’ on Aussie

    ‘Rape’s fun’: star sets ‘attack dogs’ on Aussie

    Tyler the Creator wants to come to Australia, but his fans might’ve ruined his chance. Source: Supplied WARNING: DISTURBING CONTENT US RAPPER Tyler the Creator has been accused of using “dog whistle tactics” to rally fans to attack an Australian woman who wants him banned from entering the country. His fans took to social media to launch their attack, and the results were deeply disturbing. Tyler, aka Tyler Okonma, is due to appear in Australia for a national tour starting [...]

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  • Latest News Jason Derulo on sexy make-out scenes

    Jason Derulo on sexy make-out scenes

    Music clash … American pop star Jason Derulo enlisted Keith Urban to play banjo on his new record. Picture: Craig Greenhill Source: News Limited WHO does American pop prince Jason Derulo call when he wants a banjo player? Keith Urban guests, alongside the legendary Stevie Wonder, on Broke which features on Derulo’s latest top 10 album Everything Is 4. “I wanted banjo on that song, I asked around and everyone said he was the guy. Why not have the best?” [...]

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  • Latest News The most politically incorrect song lyrics

    The most politically incorrect song lyrics

    No Classroom … which ABBA hit wouldn’t pass the PC police if it was released today? Source: Supplied ONCE upon a time you could sing about (really) young love, kissing your teacher, casual domestic violence and killing your girlfriend and no one flinched. Here’s a bunch of old songs that wouldn’t get past today’s more politically correct ears. ROD STEWART — Tonight’s the Night A No. 3 hit in Australia in 1976, even at the time some radio stations found [...]

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  • Latest News Wiz Khalifa’s wild ride Down Under

    Wiz Khalifa’s wild ride Down Under

    Rap wiz … hip hop star Wiz Khalifa is touring Down Under. Picture: Supplied Source: Supplied Speak to any musician, underground, overground, whatever … one thing they’d all like is a hit. A bona fide chart-topping song that cuts through all the noise, especially in an age when artists put out albums on these things called CDs, a musical conduit slowly being marginalised by new laptops that don’t even have compact disc drives. You can’t argue with a hit single [...]

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  • Latest News Adam Lambert’s future Aussie tour plans

    Adam Lambert’s future Aussie tour plans

    Australian tour … Lambert will confirm dates for a return in January for shows during his current promo tour. Picture Craig Greenhill Source: News Limited ADAM Lambert loves that the most shocking thing he has done this year was release a hit single which featured acoustic guitar. The pop star who went viral for kissing a man during a performance and set jaws dropping when he was announced as the singer for Queen’s tour last year said the success of [...]

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