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  • Latest News Don’t ask Emily Ratajkowski about Blurred Lines

    Don’t ask Emily Ratajkowski about Blurred Lines

    Emily Ratajkowski with Robin Thicke in the music video for Blurred Lines. Source: YouTube EMILY Ratajkowski is sick to death of everyone referring to her as “that girl from the Blurred Lines video”. The actress and model, who stars in We Are Your Friends alongside Zac Efron, says her risque performance in Robin Thicke’s infamous Blurred Lines music video is the furthest thing from her mind these days. “I wasn’t into the idea at all at first. I think I [...]

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  • Latest News ‘They did porn of the worst kind’

    ‘They did porn of the worst kind’

    KISS co-founder Gene Simmons with wife Shannon Tweed on the red carpet last year. Pic: Reed Midem Source: Supplied LARGER-than-life KISS co-founder Gene Simmons is helping police track down the person who used his internet connection to download child porn. And he still doesn’t know if the offender was inside his house, or infiltrated his wireless network from outside. In an interview promoting the band’s forthcoming Australian tour, Simmons recounted the police search of his Los Angeles mansion last month. [...]

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  • Latest News Latest Album Reviews

    Latest Album Reviews

    Recording artist The Weeknd poses for a photo in the press room at the MTV Video Music Awards and now he’s dropped his album Beauty Behind The Madness. Try and feel his face, I bet you can’t. Source: AFP Has The Weeknd landed? Do Blank Realm shoot indie hits? Are Gold Class up to their 24 carat name? Will Silicon’s music be played in your Personal Computer? And is Halsey a girl from Badlands made good? BEAUTY BEHIND THE MADNESS [...]

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  • Latest News Swift slammed for ‘offensive, racist’ video

    Swift slammed for ‘offensive, racist’ video

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  • Latest News Black Keys frontman’s porn noises

    Black Keys frontman’s porn noises

    Band of brothers … The Arcs is the new outfit fronted by Dan Auerbach from the Black Keys. Picture: Supplied. Source: Supplied DAN Auerbach is surprisingly coy about the porny moans on the album from his new band The Arcs. The Black Keys frontman has used their downtime while drummer Patrick Carney recovers from a serious shoulder injury to record with some other mates. And there on the song Come & Go are the sort of sensual moans one expects [...]

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  • Latest News Models are on song with music

    Models are on song with music

    Model material … supermodels Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss can both sing. Picture: Splash Source: Supplied IT seems having model looks is the perfect prep for a pop career. From supermodel Cara Delevingne (who has performed with Pharrell Williams) to indie princess Sky Ferreira, Didier Cohen and even Erica Packer, these are the models who have made the move into music. DIDIER COHEN APART from modelling and his mentor role on Australia’s Next Top Model, Didier Cohen has carved a [...]

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  • Latest News Adele’s mind-blowing offer: $1.6 million a night

    Adele’s mind-blowing offer: $1.6 million a night

    Would you be able to turn down that much money? Source: Getty Images ADELE has reportedly been offered $ 1,638,000 per night to perform in Las Vegas. Rumours are rife the 27-year-old British singer will be releasing her third studio album in November and apparently concert promoters are sure they can sell out whole arenas around the world charging prices of at least $ 200 a ticket if she hosts a concert tour. It’s also claimed Vegas mega casino-hotels are [...]

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  • Latest News Lupe’s crazy laser plot to destroy music

    Lupe’s crazy laser plot to destroy music

    Rap it up … Lupe Fiasco, left, and Australian singer Guy Sebastian once recorded a song together, titled Battle Scars. Source: AP HAS rapper Lupe Fiasco totally lost the plot? He has vowed to destroy copies of his third album titled ‘Lasers’ with an actual “giant laser”. Fiasco launched the album in 2011, but now he is willing to get rid of it forever. In a message to his fans on Facebook, he said that instead of making a new [...]

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