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  • Latest News Anja better off with

    Anja better off with

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  • Latest News Aussie pop star is top of the Tube

    Aussie pop star is top of the Tube

    YouTube star Troye Sivan … his song Happy Little Pill has been enthusiastically picked up by fans. Source: Supplied AUSTRALIAN YouTube personality Troye Sivan can now add ‘imminent pop star’ to his resume with his debut single Happy Little Pill scoring tens of thousands of listens within hours of being revealed online today. The teen sensation — who has two million subscribers to his YouTube channel — was signed to an international recording deal with EMI a year ago. He [...]

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  • Latest News Nicki Minaj’s G-string surprise

    Nicki Minaj’s G-string surprise

    Nicki Minaj performs during an Independence Day celebration in Philadelphia on July 4. AP Photo/Matt Rourke. Source: AP ONE need only listen to a few of Nicki Minaj’s chart hits to quickly realise she’s not one to beat around the bush with subtlety. So when the colourful 31-year-old US performer promised her fans a big surprise, their imaginations no doubt ran wild. Was it a new single? Had she collaborated with someone unusual? No. NEAR DEATH: Nicki Minaj says she [...]

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  • Latest News Lily back with plenty of bottle

    Lily back with plenty of bottle

    Lily Allen belts out a song. Picture: Ellen Smith Source: News Corp Australia LILY Allen had one of the shortest retirements in music – luckily. Because in an increasingly beige pop scene, Allen’s personality-driven music was too good to lose after just two albums. After four years away, Allen returned to Melbourne to showcase her third album, Sheezus, with a sold-out Festival Hall show. The stage was covered in oversized illuminated baby bottles, just in case you weren’t aware she [...]

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  • Latest News Molly spent how long on his book?

    Molly spent how long on his book?

    Early days … Molly Meldrum hosting Countdown in the pre-hat years. Source: News Corp Australia MOLLY Meldrum has finally finished his autobiography — 35 years after he started writing it. The book, titled The Never Um … Ever Ending Story will be released on October 22. It will centre on Meldrum’s years working on iconic music TV show CountDown and is the source material for next year’s Channel 7 CountDown/Molly miniseries. Co-author Jeff Jenkins started working on the book in [...]

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  • Latest News I need help, admits singer Garbus

    I need help, admits singer Garbus

    Merrill Garbus says her new album is “rather difficult material, complex material, but people have latched on to it”. Source: Supplied MERRILL Garbus pulled the ultimate judo move on/of life on her third album, Nikki Nack. The 34-year-old American made self-doubt work in her favour. “That’s true … if you like Nikki Nack,” she bubbles. “It’s hard to grasp self-doubt because if it works then people will say, ‘Ha! (Eureka tone) Surely they knew they had a great album on [...]

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  • Latest News McNaughty’s husband plays nice

    McNaughty’s husband plays nice

    Example has included five songs for and about wife Erin McNaught on his new album. Source: News Limited WHEN British singer/rapper Example met his future wife Erin McNaught when the model was interviewing him on Australian TV she already knew his usual lyrical fare. “All my biggest hits are sad songs about hangovers and break ups and ex-girlfriends and staying out too late,” Example, or Elliot Gleave, says. Gleave was putting the finishing touches to his difficult fourth album, The [...]

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  • Latest News G.R.L.s step up to depose Dolls

    G.R.L.s step up to depose Dolls

    G.R.L. has been put together by Pussycat Dolls creator Robin Antin. Source: Supplied ROBIN Antin has the Midas touch. The woman who created the Pussycat Dolls burlesque brand and then turned it into a wildly successful pop group has done it again. Her latest girl group, simply titled G.R.L., may have started life as PCD replacements but are now hopeful of eclipsing their predecessors. The five young women are no strangers to the trials and tribulations of the music industry. [...]

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