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  • Latest News Shaggy’s music will bring world peace

    Shaggy’s music will bring world peace

    Give Shaggy a chance … The reggae star believes his music will stop ISIS evil and create world peace. Picture: Supplied. Source: Supplied MR Boombastic Shaggy believes his music can defeat ISIS and stop war around the globe. The It Wasn’t Me hit maker said playing reggae music to ISIS fighters will make them either want to get busy in the bedroom or get stoned and thus stop killing people. “If you’re able to cut a man’s head off, you’re [...]

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  • Latest News Music festival will test your drugs

    Music festival will test your drugs

    Reducing overdoses … Organisers of Evolve Festival in Nova Scotia will test your drugs for you. Picture: Supplied. Source: ThinkStock Organisers of an electronica festival in Canada will offer patrons free drug testing to make sure their pills are pure, in a high-minded effort to reduce the chance of overdoses. Starting Friday, concertgoers at the three-day Evolve Festival in Nova Scotia can submit a small sample of their “mind enhancers” to festival staff, who will provide them with a breakdown [...]

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  • Latest News ‘That song almost didn’t happen’

    ‘That song almost didn’t happen’

    Craig McLachlan during a record signing in Sydney in 1990 Source: News Corp Australia DOCTOR Blake Mysteries star Craig McLachlan has reflected on his former life as a pop singer and the 25th anniversary of his mega-hit Mona. “It’s lovely that, all these years down the track, there seems to be a renewed affection that song,” McLachlan told Confidential. “I’m proud of what we achieved with that song because it almost didn’t happen.” McLachlan had finished a two-year stint on [...]

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  • Latest News The music festival turning urine into beer

    The music festival turning urine into beer

    They came for the music and left feeling as if they had made a difference. Source: AFP GETTING on the piss just got a new meaning with a Danish recycling initiative working to turn urine into beer. The idea was born after organisers from the Roskilde Festival — northern Europe’s largest music festival — wanted to alleviate the adverse effect waste from the event had on the local environment. Working with the Danish Articulate and Food Council, event organisers created [...]

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  • Latest News John Farnham enjoys sixth decade of No. 1s

    John Farnham enjoys sixth decade of No. 1s

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  • Latest News Jessie J out of hospital, hits stage in London

    Jessie J out of hospital, hits stage in London

    Jessie J performs at the New Look Wireless Festival at Finsbury Park in London. Source: Getty Images JESSIE J is fighting fit after being admitted to hospital with a mystery illness last week. The British pop star hit the stage on Sunday night for day three of London’s Wireless Festival in Finsbury Park. The Voice Australia coach delivered an energetic set, performing hit songs from her current Sweet Talker tour. Rocking an edgy black ensemble of a crop top and [...]

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  • Latest News Cody quits the Hollywood dating scene

    Cody quits the Hollywood dating scene

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  • Latest News Album Reviews

    Album Reviews

    Miguel letting the breeze blow through his hair. Source: Supplied Albums! You still buy them. That’s a statement not a question. Here’s what we think of this week’s efforts, studious reader. WILDHEART MIGUEL [SONY] * * * * Miguel album cover Wildheart Source: Supplied While we can’t repeat a large amount of the lyrics here, let’s just say that Miguel really, really earns the language warning sticker on this album. But three albums in and Miguel is a young artist [...]

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