Legacy lost in Little River Band blue

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Glenn Wheatley managed Little River Band in the 1970s.

Glenn Wheatley managed Little River Band in the 1970s.
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FORMER Little River Band manager Glenn Wheatley says a new line-up bearing the LRB name is “decimating” the legacy of the original hit makers.

Wheatley, who managed LRB to global fame in the 1970s, told Seven’s Sunday Night: “To be in a position where the original band does not own the name Little River Band anymore is an absolute tragedy.

“There is a moral issue here and there is a legal issue. I’m no lawyer to talk on legalities, but from a moral point of view I’m sick about it.

“People are buying tickets thinking they are coming to see the original line-up and there is not an original member to be seen.”

Guitarist Stephen Housden, who joined the group in 1981, bought the rights to use the name Little River Band.

LRB continues to tour in 2015 without any original members.

Housden said he will not allow a plan by original singer Glenn Shorrock to do a reunion tour with founding members of the group under the LRB banner.

“Not in this lifetime,” Housden told Sunday Night.

“They’d use it as a grandstand to send more rubbish towards us. I can’t see why should I give them a platform to do that.”

LRB’s hits include Reminiscing, Home On A Monday, Help Is On Its Way and Lonesome Loser.

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