Killer band to slay Soundwave

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Supergroup ... US band Killer Be killed who are performing at 2015 Soundwave Festival.

Supergroup … US band Killer Be killed who are performing at 2015 Soundwave Festival.
Source: News Corp Australia

SUPERGROUP is a word too often thrown around these days.

It seems any collaboration or one-off performance has the overused buzz word surrounding it, adding hype that lures music fans in.

But in 2013 something magical happened — a real supergroup formed named Killer Be Killed — announcing their arrival with a killer debut record released last year.

Founded by The Dillinger Escape Plan vocalist Greg Puciato, Soulfly and /ex-Sepultura frontman Max Cavalera, Mastodon bassist Troy Sanders and former The Mars Volta drummer Dave Elitch, this isn’t simply a studio based project, as the band perform their first ever live shows at Soundwave next month.

Cavalera says after working on Soulfly material he and Puciato became good friends and put together what he describes as “heavy and powerful demos”. The other two members jumped on board and the rest is history.

In short, the reviews are glowing and Cavalera couldn’t be happier.

“It really surprised me,” he says.

“You know it’s a real mix of Soulfly, Dillinger and Mastodon so it’s pretty wild but it’s really connected with the fans. I had a blast making this record and made a great friendship with those guys — it’s a powerful bond that I hope will last for a long time.

“We’re going to make more Killer Be Killed records in the future — this isn’t a one-album deal.”

Having lived with the music for so long, Cavalera is itching to perform the material with his new friends on stage at Soundwave next month — for the first time.

“It’s a struggle on its own trying to get everyone together in the same country,” laughs.

“I think Troy will be touring with Mastodon and me and Greg are at home — but there was a window around Soundwave and I’m so glad we get to play these first shows there.”

With so many projects over the years and having fronted one of the biggest metal bands of our time in Sepultura, Cavalera says he doesn’t often look back.

“I find more enjoyment out of doing new things rather reminiscing on what has already been done,” he explains.

“It’s fun to remember some old times and seeing what I have achieved after playing metal for 30 years. I mean me and Igor (Cavalera, brother) were just kids in Brazil and we put that country on the heavy metal map and I thought I was going to stay with that band for ever but life has different plans.”

“I’m excited with what I’m doing now and the contributions I get to make to the metal world.

With the ensuing Soundwave unveiling getting closer for Cavalera and co. he hopes the band can pull out some surprises for the tour to make it a memorable one.

“We have an hour so I wouldn’t mind playing a Mastodon song, a Dillinger song, and maybe Soulfy song,” he says.

“But some covers would be cool like some Motorhead, Bad Brains or some Ramones. Maybe we’ll get Mike Patton to jump up and sing on that — that would be awesome.”

Soundwave, Flemington Racecourse, February 21-22.

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