Jessie J – Interview, Pt. 1 (VEVO LIFT)

December 20, 2013 11:33 pm 82 comments Views: 44

She wrote “Party in the USA” for Miley, has a song called “Do It Like a Dude,” and is making some serious waves in the UK. We think it’s time you met Jessie …


  • And you think jessie has one of the most saddest story’s Ål

  • I hate the way people treated her at such a young age. You hear other
    famous or wanna be famous people with such soopy story’s

  • It’s annoying when people call it a ‘British’ accent, because there’s no
    such thing. It’s either English, Welsh or Scottish – and even then there
    are so many varieties within each country, especially England.

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  • british accent on girls turns me on so much, and i’m spanish lol.

  • Claire-Louise Howard

    @jaudue12 People who tend to not pick up a map seem to think the whole of
    the UK have an english accent. So if i was telling someone my accent i
    would say .. “Oh im from the UK and i have a scottish accent” People on the
    comment’s could just say “gosh jessie j has a beautiful english accent!” ..
    There making out everyone who is british talks like jessie in this video?

  • @ukdomaussie ahahahahha sure :D

  • Nuka Kvaliashvili


  • דן אונטר

    Jesse do Handjob to a very small dick!! keep press 7

  • Hamdan Abdullah


  • Hiiii :) I know i’ll never be anywhere near as good as Jessie, it’s
    impossible but please if you have time check out my Nobody’s Perfect cover
    ;D Thankyouuu <3 xxxx

  • click 5 and laugh

  • why do British people have so much soul? its crazy!! think about it Joss
    Stone, Natasha Bedingfield, Adele, Duffy, Amy Winehouse, Corinne Bailey
    Rae, James Morrison, Led Zeppelin, Leona Lewis, and now Jessie J

  • millydaisylove

    Okay, this really annoys me. She has an ENGLISH accent, and not every one
    in England has the same accent, hers is much different from mine, people in
    Northern England have much thicker accents and people like her, from
    London, well the London accent within itself changes. Please don’t say
    British accent, because its not, Britain includes Scotland, Wales, Northern

  • César Flores Gonzalez

    anybody know if he have more nice song , ¿only one =(?

  • @CareFreeZone there are dislikes because some people may not like what she
    says or some of the things she does its to let people show what they think.
    And i know your gonna tell me you have never disliked something because we
    all have

  • @ukdomaussie there’s no such thing as British accent. There is Scottish
    accent, English accent and Welsh accent.

  • @ukdomaussie LOL

  • Alexandre Colli

    ╋╋┏┳━━━┳━━━┳━━━┳━━┳━━━┓╋╋┏┳┓ ╋╋┃┃┏━━┫┏━┓┃┏━┓┣┫┣┫┏━━┛╋╋┃┃┃
    ╋╋┃┃┗━━┫┗━━┫┗━━┓┃┃┃┗━━┓╋╋┃┃┃ ┏┓┃┃┏━━┻━━┓┣━━┓┃┃┃┃┏━━┛┏┓┃┣┛
    ┃┗┛┃┗━━┫┗━┛┃┗━┛┣┫┣┫┗━━┓┃┗┛┣┓ ┗━━┻━━━┻━━━┻━━━┻━━┻━━━┛┗━━┻┛

  • We ♥ U!!! Jessie J !! You are AWESOME!!!

  • xXxIpodGirlxXx

    i love how all the Americans are like “i love her British accent” ! ENGLISH
    ! We are not from Wales or Scotland, we are English ! lol :)

  • iluvbears123456789

    you are british(:

  • I’m studying English in Canada and I prefer to learn British accent than

  • @MrCrazi7 I don’t know why are you swearing at me, did I say Britain is
    better than America?? I just wanted to learn British accent. what a faggot

  • God British Accents are so damn sexy.

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