Eminem – Like Toy Soldiers

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Music video by Eminem performing Like Toy Soldiers. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 2799494. #VEVOCertified on Nov. 26, 2012. http://vevo.com/certified http:…
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  • this song is stuck in my head. the video is awesome.. im getting popular
    fast because i rap real. the old youtube comment section was better..
    thumbs up if you piss next to the water inside the toilet so its

  • travis Breidenbach

    The bigger man?

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  • For those who don’t know, he made this song and actually dedicated the
    whole album Encore to his friend, Bugz. Bugz was in D12 before Eminem
    became famous. Eminem would be the manager of the group, and the rest are
    the members. But during a meet. Bugz was shot and killed after he beat
    someone in a rap battle. D12 and Eminem both had songs dedicated to Bugz,
    but after Proof died, D12 disbanded and Eminem was out of action for a

  • Leilani Lavayen

    This vid is sad

  • @3PacHDTV

    3Pac? Better Hop off the dick.
    Want the beef? Think about who you pick.

    You want a beef with em?
    You got his fans too.
    Betta watch you back
    Before I lay you out fool.

    I smack you’re fucken face off,
    let it blow in the wind.
    Dig through you’re fucken house,
    and find you’re medicine.
    Try to find whats wrong with you,
    you goin after em!?
    Gotta go through me, before you get to him.
    I’m done with with you,
    now you walking with a limp.
    Thats right bitch,
    you shoulda thought before you jumped in.

    I’m done with you, you fat motha fucka.
    You probably just grouchy cuz you didnt eat no lunch huh?
    Now go ahead crawl back in your closet,
    and don’t come back until you’ve truly lost it.

    Now you think you’re ready to handle me?
    Come on bitch, Lets see you try PUSSY.

    - Wicked 

  • Marios O'Connor


  • it’d be great if he did a song like this one, but chorus of “nothing
    compares to you” by Sinead O’connor, taht song has got an impressive
    message, and sure Eminem do a sample of it, it’s just a humble suggestion

  • eminem is a joke my diss music video ended his career 

  • Michelle Castellon

    Eminem went to read that’s why he stoped rapin

  • Wdup i jus wanna know the meaning of this song and who’s dying and y

  • Love this song. Though I completely understand Eminem’s anger when Ja Rule
    brought his daughter into the beef. I’d lose it if my child’s name is being
    tampered. Plus I hate Ja Rule, so…

  • Michael Francis

    Eminem is the rap god. He is a reincarnation of Tupac. He is one of the few
    rappers who not raps about money, cars, drugs and girls. Respect.

  • guys3 pac his a homo he sucks

  • @3pachhdtv u bitch he ended your career bitch wanna pick on a rap god U
    pick on all of us bitch

  • cole patterson

    If tupac is really dead its like eminems his reincarnation.RIP 2Pac

  • Eminem + Martika = <3

  • 0:50 kinda looks like BajanCanadian

  • 2pac 4 ever

  • Is this about when tupac died or when dr dre got into a coma

  • What’s up dawgz! I’m just going to cut to the chase. Come check out my
    version of Despicable and let me know what you think!

  • TheTastyPancake

    This is so beautiful ;(

  • This song reminds me of my cousin keith

  • Victoria Punni

    Reminds me of the old days <333

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