Chart Listings: UWC: Adele 5,706,000 first week.

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Here’s the first result of Adele’s ’25′ initial sales:


As reported it’s a new alltime record, never before in the music-history an album sold so much in a single week, enough for an entry in the Guinness Book of Records!

It’s important, to note, that the result above is tentatively. Due to the extremely high sales in many countries, it’s very difficult to estimate the figures from countries without real-sales reports.

And the gap between the reported shipments and the first-week sales is often immensely. With new messages in the next few days the result could still vary slightly. Here are the confirmed first-week sales from the biggest markets:

USA 3,377,900
Japan 13,000
United Kingdom 800,300
Germany 263,000
France 169,700
Canada 305,900
Australia 126,100
Italy 46,000

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